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 Eintrag Nr. 53 von Trenbolone Enanthate vom 09.05.2022 um 12.23Uhr
Trenbolone enanthate and Trenbolone
acetate are two of the most commonly used
anabolic androgenic steroids. The
Trenbolone Enanthate vs Trenbolone Acetate
results are almost the same. The
difference comes with the time that each
takes to release of the active Trenbolone

Although they sound somehow similar,
Trenbolone Enanthate and Trenbolone
Acetate work differently. Trenbolone
enanthate is a drug that is typically used
to achieve bulking by bodybuilders. It
belongs to a class of androgenic anabolic
steroids that are known as Trenbolone. The
steroid is similar to another hormone
called Parabolan.

Typically, this hormone comprises of a
Trenbolone base to which an enanthate
ester is attached. While many people
prefer to classify Trenbolone Acetate in
the same group of a veterinarian grade
drug as Trenbolone enanthate, there is no
evidence to support it. This is because
Trenbolone enanthate is a steroid that is
not freely available in shops. Those who
use the steroid are required to buy it in
the black market as its consumption is

The first time that Trenbolone enanthate
was sold was in 2004. The sole
manufacturer of the drug at the time was
called British Dragon, and the product was
called Trenabol. As earlier said, there
exist other two Trenbolone steroid strains
in the market.

 Eintrag Nr. 52 von Buy Trenbolone Acetate vom 09.05.2022 um 12.22Uhr
Trenbolone is a derivative of 19-
nortestosterone (nandrolone) and is one of
the most powerful and effective AAS in
existence today. This is because a
milligram of Trenbolone is more powerful
than a milligram of any testosterone. A
potential property of Trenbolone is its
ability to block cortisol receptors both
during and after use. The result is an
increase in the advantage of anabolic over
catabolic reactions. The main purpose of
trenbolone is to harden the figure before
the competition, when the fat level was
already low enough – then it is often
combined with winstrol, masteron,
boldenone and testosterone along with an
anti-estrogen. This steroid is used by
more advanced bodybuilders, it is not
recommended for steroid novices. It is
very important to drink as much water as
possible during the cycle and use kidney
cleansing agents – e.g. cranberry extract.
After the cycle, it is also good to
support liver regeneration, e.g. with

 Eintrag Nr. 51 von Testosterone Suspension vom 09.05.2022 um 12.20Uhr
Testosterone Suspension is an ester-free
pure form of testosterone in the form of
crystals suspended in an aqueous solution.
In 100 mg of this compound there is 100 mg
of testosterone, for comparison, in the
case of enanthate in 100 mg there is only
72 mg of pure testosterone and the rest is
the weight of the attached ester. It is
distinguished by almost immediate action.
It is considered the strongest
testosterone preparation in the
bodybuilding community. Due to its very
quick action, which manifests itself after
the first injection – it extremely quickly
increases muscle mass and strength.
Already one hour after the injection – you
can notice an excellent pump, energy, and
increased aggression and libido.

 Eintrag Nr. 50 von Testosterone Propionate vom 09.05.2022 um 12.19Uhr
Propionate is a fast-acting form of
testosterone. Its action practically
begins after the first injection (better
pump, increase in energy and appetite).
This agent has all the benefits of other
testosterones (read below), however, due
to the shorter ester, it causes less water
retention, which means that the growth is
better in quality (the water / muscle
ratio is smaller). Although it strongly
aromatizes, it does not cause gynecomastia
to the same extent as other testosterone
esters because it does not accumulate in
the body.

 Eintrag Nr. 49 von Testosterone Enanthate vom 09.05.2022 um 12.18Uhr
Testosterone enanthate is the basic agent
used in mass cycles. It gives very large
mass and strength gains, which, apart from
natural properties, are associated with
its tendency to store water in muscle
tissue. This tendency is due to its strong
aromatization to estrogen. Enanthate has
all the properties of testosterone, which
you can read about below. As this form is
characterized by the fact that it
accumulates in the body – side effects can
be increased with increasing the dose.
This drug slowly reaches a constant
concentration and its accumulation can be
seen from the third week if taken every 5
days because it should be because of its
active half-life. Works great in
combination with highly anabolic agents
such as deca durabolin and metanabol.

 Eintrag Nr. 48 von Testosterone cypionate vom 09.05.2022 um 12.17Uhr
Testosterone cypionate is another long-
term form of testosterone. It has a
slightly longer ester than enanthate,
which may lead to greater aromatization
and water retention. The difference,
however, is insignificant. In the west it
is the basic agent used in mass cycles. It
gives very large mass and strength gains,
which, apart from natural properties, are
associated with its tendency to store
water in muscle tissue. This tendency is
due to its strong aromatization to
estrogen. Cypionate has all the properties
of testosterone, which you can read about

 Eintrag Nr. 47 von Stanozolol for sale || Buy Win vom 09.05.2022 um 12.16Uhr
Stanozolol mechanism is primarily a
significant increase in protein synthesis
and increased nitrogen retention. Due to
the fact that it is a non-aromatizing
agent for estrogens – water retention,
gynecomastia and fat storage does not
occur, which makes it ideal for cycles for
dry muscle mass or reduction. Although it
is highly anabolic, the growths obtained
on winstrol are not large. A stable, dry
muscle of excellent quality is obtained.
There are surprising strength gains. Many
bodybuilders use it at the end of the
cycle to so-called “whip” the weight
gained, besides it is the favorite steroid
for sculpture. Like masteron and proviron,
winstrol has the unique SHGB and albumin
binding properties, therefore any other
SAA given with stanozolol is more likely
to remain unbound, making it much more

 Eintrag Nr. 46 von Buy Primobolan vom 09.05.2022 um 12.13Uhr
Primobolan Depot is an injectable form of
methenolone. It is exactly the same
compound that is included in Primobolan
tablets (methenolone acetate). Both drugs
are produced by the Schering concern. The
injection version, in the form of
enanthate, ensures a slow and even action
of the agent.

 Eintrag Nr. 45 von Drostanolone propionate vom 09.05.2022 um 12.12Uhr
Drostanolone propionate (Masteron) is a
strongly androgenic agent that is a
synthetic derivative of DHT. Brings
excellent results at low fat levels –
dramatically improves the shape and
hardness of muscle tissue, making it one
of the most ordered means in preparation
for competitions.

 Eintrag Nr. 44 von Buy Masteron vom 09.05.2022 um 12.09Uhr
Drostanolone is an Anabolic-Androgenic
steroid of the Dihydrotestosterone group
that was never marketed. It is considered
a medium or mild strength steroid and is
distributed under the brand name Masteron.
The steroid comes in two variants;
Propionate and Enanthate. Masteron
Enanthate is the same Anabolic steroid as
Masteron Propionate as the hormone itself
has not been changed.

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